Tuesday 29 September 2020
Vantura Systems

Lean Manufacturing

Ventura Systems works on a Lean Manufacturing basis.

Lean manufacturing is a management philosophy that pursues the continuous elimination of waste in Ventura Systems business processes through kaizen, also known as small and incremental improvement.

By eliminating waste of Labor, Over production, Space, Defects, Unnecessary human motion, Inventory and Transportation, Ventura Systems achieves more efficient and reliable operations.

Other benefits that are achieved:

  • Improved quality and fewer defects
  • Reduced inventory
  • Less space required to build product
  • Enhancement to overall manufacturing flexibility
  • Ensures a safer work environment
  • Improves employee morale

Logistic Concepts

Ventura Systems uses stillages for safe and efficient storage of door systems and to provide protection during transportation.

Our range includes standard stillages, as well as stillages developed according customer specific production and logistics requirements.

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