Monday 6 July 2020
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Expansion of Citea low floor range with articulated version

The VDL Bus & Coach Citea range of public transport buses is being expanded to include an articulated version, the Citea SLFA (Low Floor Articulated). This new model will become available at the end of 2013 in a Euro 6 version in two different lengths, the SLFA-180 with a length of 18 metres and SLFA-187 with a length of 18.75 metres. The VDL Citea articulated, with its completely flat floor, is ideal for the transport of larger groups of passengers and can be used both for city and regional transport.


Citea SLFA
With the Citea SLFA, VDL Bus & Coach builds on the success of the Citea SLF. Thanks to its innovative lightweight construction, the Citea has a low net weight, which results in excellent fuel economy and minimal emissions of harmful exhaust gases. Add to that the long service life and the result is maximum ‘Profit of Ownership’. It's not surprising then that the Citea SLF was named ‘Bus of the Year 2011’. 
The low floor construction makes it exceptionally easy to enter the bus and offers optimal access, for travellers with a baby buggy or wheelchair for example. This applies both to the front section of the bus and the section behind the articulation. As an option, the section behind the articulation can also be fitted a wheelchair platform. During the design of the Citea SLFA considerable attention was given to the flow of passengers to and from the entry and exit doors. Harmoniously matched colours give the bus a very spacious feeling. The cantilever seat design (free-hanging seats) ensures plenty of leg room and therefore optimal sitting comfort. Since the entire floor is free of obstacles, the buses are easy to clean.
The Citea SLFA is available in a 3- or 4-door version. VDL naturally only uses components from reputable suppliers.

Safety and module construction
Key requirements during the development of the Citea SLFA were safety and driveability. Handling and stability have been tested under all possible conditions. Its perfectly balanced driveline and exceptional steering characteristics make the Citea a surprisingly manoeuvrable companion. 
In developing this new Citea model, optimum use was made of the module system around which the Citea range is built. This high degree of modularity not only results in a tailored solution for each deployment area but also benefits the operator in many ways, in connection with repairs, maintenance and stocked parts for example. The driveline, front module, and driver's cockpit of the Citea SLFA are identical to those of the standard Citea SLF.

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