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EnviroZone highlights ADL’s ever- increasing range of customer options

EnviroZone highlights ADL’s ever- increasing range of customer options
The EnviroZone is the theme that showcased the line-up from Alexander Dennis Limited (ADL) at Euro Bus Expo 2010 in early November. Britain’s leading bus manufacturer displayed three examples of the highly successful and innovative Enviro midi and double deck products, each demonstrating in its own way the ever-expanding range of ADL customer options.

Enviro400 – The definitive double deck
Enviro400 has established itself as Britain’s definitive high capacity bus thanks to an unbeatable combination of technical excellence, low operating costs, style and passenger-friendly features.
The show vehicle is an example of a design that sets the standard for double deck operations across the UK, being a single door, 10.2m model with an EEV emission level SCR Cummins engine, matched to a ZF Ecolife automatic transmission.



The exhibit is finished to a very high standard, demonstrating the range of specification options now available to ADL customers. 
Both saloons have seats typical of airport express or park & ride buses, featuring Lazzerini Gran Turismo GT 3600 leather seats with arm rests and amber down lighters. There are 29 seats in the lower saloon and 35 in the upper deck, the latter being arranged with a mixture of conventional layout and four bays where passenger tables are fitted. Alternatively, an extra six seats can be fitted to the upper deck when tables are not used.
The Chapman driver’s seat is trimmed in matching leather and the driver also benefits from air-conditioning.
A number of new features that have resulted from passenger feedback make their debut in the show vehicle, including: LED headlights; wireless bell pushes; separate batteries for the starter system, which reduce “non-starts”; automatic headlights and interior lighting; and “Scent Wave” air freshener for passengers. Other details of this bus include LED day running lights; illuminated steps in the stairwell, plus edge lighting; a cleaner switch that prevents lights being left on and draining the batteries; LED lights throughout the interior and ADL’s Advanced Telematic System, enabling driver coaching, improved safety and reduced operating costs. 
The exterior is finished in an attractive metallic silver with complementary vinyls, paving the way for the vehicle to become a new ADL demonstrator commencing witha roadshow during late 2010/early 2011

Enviro200 – 15,200 not out !!
Euro Bus Expo coincided with the production of over 15,000 ADL Dart/Enviro buses, the milestone exhibit being the 15,200th, making this midi bus range Britain’s all-time best selling bus.
Introduced as the Dennis Dart in 1989, the design has been continuously refined and developed to the extent that today’s Enviro200 remains a best seller, currently enjoying a 60% share of the UK midi sector. 
ADL now has its sights set on expanding Enviro200’s success into export markets and the show exhibit is one of 30 being delivered to Hong Kong based KMB [The Kowloon Motor Bus Co.(1933) Ltd.]



he show model is a 10.4m vehicle fitted with two Ventura doors. KMB have also specified a six-cylinder EEV engine and Voith transmission to cope with the steep gradients and high passenger loadings experienced in Hong Kong.The bus has 28 Lazzerini Practico seats, allowing up to 34 standees. 
Denso air conditioning is fitted and one feature this provides is an “air curtain” over the doors, thereby maintaining the interior environment when they are open. Other features include twin row headlights, kerb lighting at the nearside rear and Hanover Flip Dot Destination gear.
The vehicle is finished in KMB’s distinctive gold livery.

Enviro400H – Europe’s best selling hybrid
A customer-ready Enviro400H hybrid-electric double deck was a key feature of ADL’s show line-up.
In just 18 months ADL’s revolutionary double deck has established itself as Europe’s number one hybrid vehicle, thanks to its substantial fuel savings, CO2 reductions and reliability in service.
Having won the lion’s share of the government’s Green Bus Fund, both in round one and round two of the initiative, the Enviro400H is now firmly established as the UK’s most popular hybrid-electric, consistently achieving 30% fuel savings. 
By the end of 2010 ADL will have delivered around 100 hybrid-electrics and currently has a further 150 in its production programme for 2011. That figure is expected to grow still further. Proven and reliable the Enviro400H integrates unobtrusively into established fleets, requiring no more maintenance than a conventional diesel bus.


The show exhibit is one of 30 10.8metre double deck hybrids for Stagecoach Manchester where the new generation fleet is operating on high profile routes from the city centre to Stockport and Manchester Airport. 
Stagecoach Oxford is already operating 26 similar vehicles and a further 47 are now on order from Stagecoach for fleet operations in Sheffield and Newcastle. Further ADL hybrids are also due to enter service in Nottingham, Reading and London in the near future. 
Like all ADL hybrid-electrics the show exhibit features a down-sized four-cylinder Cummins engine working with a BAE Systems Hybridrive driveline.
The striking hybrid livery is a feature of all low carbon buses operated by Stagecoach, highlighting their commitment to a green agenda.

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