Tuesday 29 September 2020
Vantura Systems


Ventura Systems has introduced QRM: Quick Response Manufacturing.

Shorter lead times improve quality, reduce cost and eliminate non-value-added waste within the organization while simultaneously increasing the organization’s competitiveness and market share by serving customers better and faster. The time-based framework of QRM accommodates strategic variability such as offering custom-engineered products while eliminating dysfunctional variability such as rework and changing due dates.


QRM requires four fundamental structural changes to transform a company organized around cost-based management strategies to a time-based focus:

  • Functional to Cellular: Functional departments must be dissolved. In their place, QRM cells become the main organizational unit. QRM cells are more flexible and holistic in their implementation compared to other cell concepts, and can be applied outside the shop floor
  • Top-down Control to Team Ownership: Top-down control of processes by managers and supervisors in departments needs to be transformed to a decision-making structure in which QRM cells manage themselves and have ownership of the entire process within the cell
  • Specialized Workers to a Cross-trained Workforce: Workers need to be trained to perform multiple tasks
  • Efficiency/Utilization Goals to Lead Time Reduction: To support this new structure, companies must replace cost-based goals of efficiency and utilization with the overarching goal of lead time reduction
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