Corporate Responsibility

Ventura Systems encourages sustainable development, which means that the company focusses on sustainability, creates economic stability with profitable growth, reduces negative impact on the environment, maintains a high level of business ethics, and promotes an attractive and healthy workplace.

Ventura Systems aims to satisfy the requirements and expectations of customers, suppliers, employees, shareholders and society concerning sustainability.

Sustainability is an explicit competitive tool in the international technology trading market in that it contributes towards the further development of the business with products and solutions that correspond to, or surpass the expectations of, customers. In this respect customers can rely on the expertise and ethical agenda of Ventura Systems.

The established corporate culture at Ventura Systems drives the business forward through a decentralized responsibility in the company’s overseas subsidiaries and partners, in combination with support from the parent company. We work with sustainability in the same way. The parent company provides support with the development of competence and supplies tools and processes for employee surveys, supplier evaluations, and initiatives for quality and the environment.

The daily commitment of employees makes a difference, and is a prerequisite for, the success of Ventura Systems. It is the employees who promote the competitiveness of the company and contribute towards social development. It is therefore an important factor when looking at sustainability to be an attractive employer, and to have a workplace where employees are content, can develop and feel proud to represent.

Sustainability is an ongoing process and Ventura Systems will continue to work with suppliers, create continuous improvements within the company and work to surpass the expectations of customers for products and solutions. 

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