Inward gliding door system

Custom engineered

Ventura's Inward Gliding door has been used by leading manufacturers for years and is well suited to urban transport vehicles.

The Inward Gliding Door is one of the first systems manufactured by Ventura Systems. Its proven technology has been used and improved for various years, resulting in a low maintenance solution.

The Inward Gliding Door is sealed with an integral rubber; no brushes are required. Thanks to the special sealing on the bottom of the door, no water or wind will enter. As a result, the door does not protrude, fits perfectly in the frame and prevents noise.

The system is available in both the electrical and pneumatic version and we can manufacture both single and double leaf models. Height, width and other features can be customized according to your wishes.

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Available for:

  • Proven technology
  • Compact design
  • Low maintenance
  • Door leaves stay within vehicle
  • No brushes required
  • Durable active flap construction
Enviro200 demonstrator 2 scaled
IG 500x500 1
Feature Specification
Door leaf single / double
Drive / actuator pneumatic / electric (24V/12V)
Portal width 815 - 880 mm / 1100 - 1425 mm
Handrail shape straight/L-shape/S-shape
Handrail colour RAL colours
Glazing single/double/heated/tinted
Safety obstruction detection/drag detection/passenger sensors
Recommended max. vehicle speed 70 km/h - 43 m/ph
Compliance ECE R 107 / ECE R 118-3 / ECE R 10 / TS 160 / ISO 26262-QM (Ventura DCU)
Inward Gliding door system
Inward Gliding door system (open)