Product overview

Ventura Systems

Custom engineered door systems for your public transport vehicles.

We also offer training sessions to your staff.

Our door systems are adapted for intensive use in urban environments. All Ventura Systems door systems are available in both electrical and pneumatic versions that are completely interchangeable. The modular design of our door systems allows them to be adapted to any requirement so we can offer custom engineered products.

Our door systems are safe, durable and have low life-cycle costs. All our products comply with strict industry regulations. Our door systems ensure passengers’ fast entry and exit from the vehicle and have a high degree of sealing to minimize wind and other external noises. A Ventura door system optimizes your passenger flow and increases interior space. 

We also offer manual and electrical ramps to give safe wheelchair access to buses, tram and light rail.

Our selection of products

PS small

Plug Sliding door system

  • An invention of Ventura Systems
  • Barrier free doorway
  • Optimizes passenger flow
  • Increases interior space
  • Low life cycle cost
  • Suitable for high speed
RS small

Rapid Sliding door system

  • Unique patented design
  • Fast opening and closing
  • Exceptional good sealing
  • Suitable for high speeds
IG small

Inward Gliding door system

  • Proven technology
  • Compact design
  • Low maintenance
  • Durable active flap construction

Wheelchair ramp

  • Designed for super low floor buses
  • Lightweight honeycomb composite
  • Raised edges for enhanced safety

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