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For the innovation project Door Leaf Test System (DLTS), Ventura Systems has received funding from the so-called Innovative Ambitions Accelerator subsidy or in Dutch: Versneller Innovatieve Ambities (VIA) subsidie. This grant was (partially) funded as part of the Union’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic. On this page we will explain more about this innovation project.

Ventura Systems Ventura Systems annually produces thousands of door systems for urban public transport, such as buses and trams. These door systems must all be 100% tested to ensure quality. In order to improve quality, it is necessary to establish a uniform testing system. The DLTS project aims to set up an automated test system, which will test all door systems for the same quality regardless of which operator is involved. To achieve this, four components were developed: User interface web page, PC application, and 2 electronic components with associated embedded applications.

The first phase of the project was to research possible solutions, which revealed that there were no ‘off-the-shell-solutions’. To show the feasibility of the project, we created different concepts to test. This also gave us the opportunity to set (system) requirements for the future of the project. After discussing and testing feasibility of the concepts, we selected the best concept for the next phase. After the internal approval, our external partner ICT Group started the development of the software required to make the system work. ICT Group also started to make a platform with electronic parts that will function as the hardware for the test system. In the third phase, the hardware and software were tested in the production environment. Which different tests with different operators and different door leaves, we had enough test data to discuss and to improve on. After the updates, we did more testing until we had a test system that worked without problems.

Finally, thanks to funding from the European Union and Partnership Noord-Nederland, we were able to create a reliable and automatic door leaf test system.

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