More Ventura doors in Mexico City buses

Bus body maker Caio and Volvo Group Buses México have sold 35 buses to Mexico City. The vehicles will circulate on the newly created Line 4, regulated by Metrobús to serve the capital. According to data from the Ministry of Mobility, 1.5 million passengers are transported per day on the system.

The buses are equipped with Ventura’s Plug Sliding door systems. The Plug Sliding maximizes the width of the doorway so passengers can enter and exit through the same door. The door systems’ opening movement is rapid and smooth, which helps the passengers enter safely and fluidly.

Metrobús is also in the process of renewing their fleet on Line 1 and 2 with buses featuring Ventura Systems’ Plug Sliding door systems. This is an important part of the optimization of the public transit system in Mexico City.

Overcrowding is a significant problem on public transport in the city. By optimizing passenger flow and increasing interior space, our door systems play a big role in improving the passenger experience.