Retrospec: Mobility Move 24

Moiblity Move Berlin expo

We look back on a successful first edition of Mobility Move, formerly known as ElekBu. The largest conference and trade fair for public road transport in Germany was held in Berlin from 6 to 7 March. The event was attended by 1,400 professionals and featured an exhibition area with 90 exhibitors and 20 electric vehicles, including Ventura Systems as a long-time contributor to the show.

The atmosphere at the show was very positive and forward looking. It was an excellent opportunity for us to talk to the market, share knowledge and showcase our latest innovations in door systems. It was also great to see so many zero emission vehicles with our door systems.


We showed our latest innovations at the trade fair: a concept door system called ‘Inward Gliding Seal’, a capacitive sensitive edge and a multifunctional button with LED screen. The feedback on our innovations was great and will serve as input for future development.

When opening the concept Inward Gliding door system, the door leaves are fully lifted by the unique kinematics of the system. A simple linkage creates a reliable lifting movement that makes sure that the door leaf clears the slope of the floor. When closing, the door leaf falls back in the lower position to make a perfect seal with the portal from the inside. The result of the improved sealing from the inside is the minimal noise levels during driving and minimal water or dirt ingress due to the absence of flaps of deforming sealing rubber on the underside of the door leaf.

In addition to the innovations, the full product range was on display in our promotional trailer. Features such as the LED boarding communication system and safety features were well demonstrated to the audience.

trade fair impression