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Our flagship product, the Plug Sliding door, increases interior space and allows passengers to get on and off the vehicle quickly.

Ventura Systems was the first company to develop a Plug Sliding door system for heavy-duty transit buses. With 30 years of field experience from all over the world, the Plug Sliding door system has become the pinnacle of Ventura engineering. This carefully thought-through system is all about improving passenger safety and maximizing uptime.

The outward motion creates a completely clear doorway allowing passengers to easily enter and exit the bus simultaneously, improving passenger flow. Unlike inward swinging doors, the Plug Sliding doors don’t take up interior space or prevent passengers from standing in front of the door for a quick exit. This makes the door system ideal for all door boarding which can significantly reduce dwell time.

The Plug Sliding door seals from the outside instead of the inside like an Inward Gliding door, providing optimal sealing against (road)noise, water and dirt ingress. The vertical stabilizer fitted on the doors makes sure the doors don’t vibrate when in a closed position. The sealing properties and stabilizer make the door system suitable for speeds up to 62 miles per hour.


Passenger Flow - Plug Sliding door
Door Control Unit Plug Sliding door

The unique design of the Plug Sliding door offers extra safety due to its over center locking system. Because the door leaves lock over the center of the pivot, all the weight of the door leaves is pushed towards the inside of the vehicle. This means that when the doors are closed, it is impossible to open the door leaves manually. In an emergency the passengers can use the emergency button or manual emergency lever to safely exit the vehicle.


With well over 2 million test cycles, we pride ourselves on the unparalleled quality and durability of our door systems. The Plug Sliding door system is designed to last the life of the bus, providing the lowest life cycle cost and maximum uptime. 

The Plug Sliding door system is designed to operate smoothly and efficiently with our optimized 2nd generation mechanism. All our systems come standard with electric sensitive edges that are constantly monitored for function. Our optional passenger detection sensors may be added to reduce the risk of doors contacting passengers.


All safety features and door behavior are controlled by our proprietary door control unit and are customizable with parameters that suite the customers need. For the door control unit, Ventura utilizes the ISO 26262 Quality Managed norm to ensure safety and reliability.


The Plug Sliding door comes in an easy to install kit and its clever modular design allows for a highly customized solution to fit any bus. The door system is available with pneumatic or electric drive and is tailor-made for each bus and can be fully customized.

Plug Sliding door components

benefits of a Plug Sliding door

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Ventura Systems is market leader in entrance solutions for public transport vehicles. We provide you with state-of-the-art technology, durable, high-quality products, and custom-made solutions to enhance passengers experience and reduce downtime. We focus on heavy duty transit vehicle door systems. Our door systems are our main focus and not just a secondary issue.

With our own US based production facility just outside Charlotte (NC), we can ensure the best quality, short communication lines and unmatched after service support.

With passionate and trained staff, we are there for you before, during and after the implementation of the Ventura door systems. Our dedicated after sales staff are motivated and flexible and solve every problem quickly and efficiently.

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