Ventura door systems give Oslo access to zero-emission public transport

Solaris Urbino 18.75 electric bus in Oslo

By the end of 2023, public transport in Oslo will be virtually emission-free. Buses, subways, trams and boats will be powered by electricity. Oslo is set to reach its goal of emission-free public transport five years earlier than planned.

This is a result of the way Ruter, as a public transport authority, has adapted its tenders to facilitate flexibility and innovation in the market. A total of 361 new electric buses from different manufacturers will flow into the zero-emission fleet for Oslo. They are all unique but have one thing in common: they are equipped with
Ventura door systems.

Sustainable Bus has written an article about the different electric buses with Ventura door systems in Oslo. The article shows the new LED passenger communication system in the Solaris Urbino 18.75 buses, but also the full glass design door leaves in the Ebusco 3.0 18-meter electric buses.

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