the Ventura Plug Sliding door standard in the Mercedes Citaro

We are proud to announce that our innovative Plug Sliding door system is now available as a standard option for the Mercedes Citaro. Since the beginning of this year, clients can specify the safe and durable Ventura Plug Sliding door system for all variants of the Citaro. Mercedes strives for extraordinary quality, high levels of efficiency and comprehensive safety, values Ventura Systems shares. This is evident in the busses already in operation in cities like Paderborn, Frankfurt, Aachen and Vienna. We are excited about this partnership and look forward to taking bus travel to a higher level.

Thanks to a wide range of variants, the Citaro is well suited to all urban bus route operations. Just like Ventura Systems, Mercedes-Benz focusses on optimum safety with their integral safety concept. Passenger experience is paramount, with ergonomically shaped seats, electronically-controlled shock absorbers, a spacious interior and large panoramic windows.

Ventura’s door systems are innovative and reliable with proven technology and millions of kilometers in service experience all over the world. The door systems’ opening movement is rapid and smooth, which increases the passenger flow. Using limited space efficiently is important, now more than ever. The Plug Sliding door maximizes the width of the doorway so passengers can enter and exit through the same door. The compact design of a Ventura door system maximizes the interior space in the vehicle. This ensures optimum use of the limited surface and increases the amount of space per passenger and the payload.

Ventura doors can now be specified and selected during the entire purchase process by selecting the relevant option code in the configurator. Please reach out to Ventura Systems for more information.