Wrightbus open-top buses for Tokyo

Hato Bus via Twitter

Tokyo sightseeing and tour bus operator Hato Bus, which was established in 1948 and has over 70 years history and experience in the tour market for foreign and domestic visitors, has placed into service a new Wrightbus Gemini 3-bodied Scania double-decker, which was shown off on its social media in early April.

The bus features enclosed upper deck sides with full-height glazing, and a sliding cabriolet-style fabric roof, along with Ventura Systems’ single leaf doors at the front and centre. The two single leaf outside swinging door systems are made to fit in an ultra low double decker with no space claim above the door portal.

The doors are extra wide to optimize passenger flow. By maximizing the width of the doorway, passengers can enter and exit through the same door. The door systems’ opening movement is rapid and smooth, which helps the passengers enter safely and fluidly. 

By working closely with bus manufacturers around the globe, Ventura Systems is constantly developing their products to suit the needs of different urban areas. The Hato Bus fleet consists of over 100 buses which provide guided tours including Tokyo and Mount Fuji in English, Chinese and Japanese.