Electric buses in the Netherlands

After IJssel-Vecht, most zero emission buses circulate in Groningen Drenthe (166) and Amstelland-Meerlanden (100).

In 2015, the leaders of the PTAs in the Netherlands came to an agreement. From 2025 on, newly bought buses for public transport can only be emission free. In 2030 the entire fleet (around 5000 buses) has to be clean on the exhaust pipe

According to forecast, the number of zero-emission buses will increase by a further almost 500 in 2021, including in Amstelland-Meerlanden, Gooi and Vecht, Utrecht and Rotterdam. The article on OVPro mentions that «CROW says it is not yet in a position to assess the consequences for the corona crisis in subsequent years, although the goal of completely emission-free bus transport in 2030 remains».

Operating for both city and intercity public transport, the buses in Groningen Drenthe are equipped with a Ventura Systems double leaf Plug Sliding door in the center, and single leaf Rapid Sding door at the front.