Launch new door system concept at Busworld

A new door system concept

Brussels will be the podium for the launch of our new door system concept. With a new approach to door movement and sealing properties, the concept introduces the next step in driver and passenger comfort. The new concept reduces the number of wearing parts compared to conventional door systems and minimises external noise. The improved sealing properties provide maximum resistance to water and dirt ingress. The aim of the launch is to showcase the concept to the Busworld audience and use the feedback for further development. To see our new concept in action, visit us at booth 628 in hall 6. 

New product option: capacitive sensitive edge

Another innovation on show at Busworld is the capacitive sensitive edge: a non-touch sensitive edge that detects passengers and automatically stops or reverses the door movement.

In order to protect the more vulnerable passengers and increase comfort for other passengers, a capacitive sensitive edge offers obstruction prevention by using non-touch sensors. In the rubber of the door leaf, a touch pressure-sensitive is combined with a non-touch detection system. The non-touch system emits a small electrical field that detects anything that interferes with this field. This effectively prevents the door leafs from touching the passenger, as the door movement is stopped by the door control unit based on the interference with electrical field. When backed up by a sensitive edge, this ensures maximum safety. Experience the comfort of non-touch detection at our booth on Busworld.